Acousto-Optics Department of VNIIFTRI  

Our firm has been working in the area of mechanisms of acousto-optic (AO) interaction and development of AO devices for last 25 years. We have a rich experience in manufacturing of the AO elements: tunable AO-filters, light AO-deflectors, light AO-modulators, Q-switchs as well as the devices under this elements base: compact monochromators, spectrometers and spectrophotometers, image-spectrometers, frequency shifters, light beam position operate systems etc. So, I can say our firm is one of the main manufacturers of the AO devices in Russia at present time.

We have good scientific and business contacts with S.Korea, Germany, Czechia, USA, England, Japan. Today we have an interest in realization of our finished products on the European and World Markets.

Enclosed you will find "Product Catalog" with tables listing some of the parameters of the devices as well as phones, fax and e-mail address for contact with me.

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