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Electronical block (driver) for AO devices
We can manufactured electrical block for AO devices (AOTF, AOM, AOD). In this case device complect consist of the Optical block and Driver, connecting cables and Demonstration Software (DS).

The Driver is controlled by IBM PC through port USB 2.0.

Maximum switching time to the next random frequency step ≈ 10-3 s.

Possible frequency range - (10 - 200) MHz.

The Driver is capable of random step switching within the working range.

Maximal output power - 3 Watts.

The DS enables controlling via IBM PC of the following parameters:
  • initial and final frequency,
  • a frequency step
  • output power of the control HF signal.

  • The Driver dimensions: (111 x 55 x 17) mm.

    Driver photo.

    Special Software are available upon request.

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