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Paratellurite (TeO2) Filter (Low Drive Power, Nonsensitivity to State of Light Polarization)
Item Units Photon-1217
Spectral Range (l) nm 1500...1600
Drive Frequency MHz 46...49
Spectral Bandwidth nm@nm 3.5@1550
Optical Aperture* (A) Dia, mm 1.5
Acceptance Angle Equel to diffractional Divergency of light beam (l/A) mrad 0.65
Drive Power Watts 0.4
Diffraction Efficiency %@nm 90@1150
Impedance state of light Ohm 50
Polarization - arbitrary
Production Capacity units per year 100
* Other optical aperture upon request, i.e.: 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm.
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